High-performance deepwater safety valves

3D rendering of GeoGuard high-performance deepwater safety valve
GeoGuard Valves: Superior Reliability at Extreme Depths
Patented seal technology and stringent qualification enable the valves to exceed API Spec 14A requirements.
Rated to 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 psi [68.9, 103.4, and 137.9 MPa]
Rated from 35 to 350 degF [1 to 176 degC]
Validated to API Spec 14A V1 and V1-H

Improved reliability through seal technology and operational redundancy

GeoGuard deepwater safety valves include an integrated sump and 5-um filter to ensure that the multizone dynamic seal operates in a clean environment. The multizone seal technology was developed and proved with exhaustive verification and validation. The innovative validation methodology we created utilized a unique sapphire crystal bore, enabling the design team to view the seal’s dynamic and static performance in real time while simulating wellbore pressure and temperature conditions. The result was a more reliable dynamic seal solution that is superior to traditional seal systems in the industry.

A nitrogen version of the GeoGuard safety valve further improves reliability, incorporating two fully redundant and independent rod piston actuators. Both systems are fully capable of operating the valve via its dedicated hydraulic control line. If any part of the hydraulic system is compromised, the valve performance will continue as intended through the uncompromised system.

Exceeds API Spec 14A requirements for flapper leakage, hydraulic integrity, and slam closure

GeoGuard deepwater safety valves are not only designed to API Spec 14A—their performance exceeds the certification requirements:

  • For flapper leakage, API Spec 14A allows up to 5 ft3/min. The acceptance criteria for GeoGuard valve flapper systems is bubble tight.
  • For hydraulic actuator integrity, API Spec 14A allows up to 5% drop in applied hydraulic pressure. For a 10,000-psi hydraulic pressure, the acceptable leak rate is 500 psi. GeoGuard actuators are tested to less than 1% of that criteria.
  • For slam closure, the flapper system of the GeoGuard valve has been successfully slam tested to over 500 ft/s. This is more than 5 times the Annex K requirements of API Spec 14A.
3D rendering of GeoGuard high-performance deepwater safety valve
3D rendering of GeoGuard high-performance deepwater safety valve