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GeoGuard DW

Deepwater high-performance subsurface safety valves

Rendering of a GeoGuard DW deepwater high-performance subsurface safety valve flapper.

Improved reliability through seal technology and operational redundancy

When actuated from surface—either manually or through an automated control system—GeoGuard™ DW deepwater high-performance subsurface safety valves slam shut to secure the well.

The valves include an integrated sump and 5-um filter to ensure that the multizone dynamic seal operates in a clean environment. The multizone seal technology was developed and proved with exhaustive verification and validation. The innovative validation methodology used a unique sapphire crystal bore, enabling the design team to view the seal’s dynamic and static performance in real time while simulating wellbore pressure and temperature conditions. The result is a more reliable dynamic seal solution that is superior to traditional seal systems in the industry.

GeoGuard DW safety valves are available with a choice of actuator types:

  • Nitrogen dome technology is ideal for ultradeep setting depths (>3,048 m [>10,000 ft]) and includes two fully redundant and independent hydraulic actuation systems. Each system is fully capable of operating the valve via its dedicated hydraulic control line. If any part of one hydraulic system is compromised, the valve performance continues as intended through the uncompromised system.
  • Balanced line technology delivers high performance for setting depths up to 3,048 m without redundancy.
Rendering of the internals of a GeoGuard DW deepwater high-performance subsurface safety valve.

Deepwater and ultradeepwater wells

GeoGuard Safety Valves: Superior Reliability at Extreme Depths
Patented seal technology and stringent qualification enable the valves to exceed API Spec 14A requirements.

GeoGuard DW safety valves improve reliability compared with conventional subsurface safety valves (SSSVs). Patented seal technology and qualification methods enable extremely deep setting depths to avoid deposition of precipitates such as hydrates, paraffins, and scales in the safety valve.

Flexible engineering design provides a choice of actuator types to ideally match the well’s subsea infrastructure requirements and completion architecture.

The safety valves’ low hydraulic operating pressure also simplifies deepwater control system requirements.

Suitable for extremely deep setting depths

GeoGuard DW safety valves are validated to API Spec 14A V1 and V1-H, but their performance exceeds the certification requirements.

  • Flapper leakage: API Spec 14A allows leakage up to 5 ft3/min. The acceptance criterion for GeoGuard DW safety valve flapper systems is bubbletight performance.
  • Hydraulic actuator integrity: API Spec 14A allows up to 5% drop in applied hydraulic pressure; for 10,000-psi hydraulic pressure, the acceptable leakage is 500 psi. GeoGuard DW safety valve actuators allow <1% drop, confirmed by rigorous tests.
  • Slam closure: The valve's flapper system has been successfully slam tested at speeds >500 ft/s—more than 5 times the Annex K requirements of API Spec 14A.

Tubing sizes: 4 1/2 in and 5 1/2 in
Pressure rating: Up to 20,000 psi [137 MPa]
Working temperature: Up to 176 degC [350 degF]