Pressure-controlled tester valve

Close up of the downhole tester valves.

Operated by annulus pressure to control flow and shut-in

The PCT pressure-controlled tester valve is operated using annulus pressure for streamlined downhole control of formation flow and shut-in intervals. The number of open and close cycles is unlimited.

Because the PCT valve is for testing applications that do not use the IRIS intelligent remote implementation system, it is run in conjunction with either the hydrostatic reference tool or the PORT pressure-operated reference tool to automatically trap the reference pressure within the PCT valve. The reference pressure is then bled to 450 psi above the hydrostatic pressure, ensuring a high closing force for the ball valve and eliminating the need for a high-nitrogen precharge at surface.

Hold-open versatility for wireline access

The optional hold-open (HOOP) module enhances the versatility of the PCT valve. The HOOP module enables holding the ball valve open in its fullbore position when the annulus pressure is bled off. This enables wireline to be run through the ball with the annulus pressure bled off or circulated through the ball valve when the packer is not set.

Pct pressure-controlled test valve