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Tubing-Fill Test Valve

Fill and pressure test tubing while running in hole

Close up of the downhole tester valves.

Fill and test tubing while running in hole

The tubing-fill test valve (TFTV) enables filling and testing the tubing while running in the hole. As the string is lowered into the hole, fluid enters the tubing through the TFTV bypass ports. The fluid creates a differential pressure that causes the flapper to open and then fills the tubing.

Tubing can be tested at any depth by pressuring up on the tubing string against the flapper valve. When the test string is at depth, annulus pressure is applied to rupture a disc, causing the flapper to lock fully open. Once the flapper is open, the tool has fullbore access.

Tubing-fill test valves are available in standard and slimhole versions. A large-bore version is available for tests with high flow rates and long duration.

Tubing-Fill Test Valve