FlexPac Packer | SLB


High-performance service packer

packer closeup

Reliable isolation of annulus fluids from the perforating interval

The FlexPac high-performance service packer is a fullbore, cased hole, retrievable, compression-set packer designed for testing and tubing-conveyed perforating operations. The packer withstands high flow rates, elevated temperatures, and high pressures when the appropriate slackoff weight is applied to the packer. The sealing elements effectively isolate annulus fluids from the perforated interval.

The rugged, simple design of the FlexPac packer makes it easy to redress between operations or quickly convert it to run in a different casing weight. Qualified for up to 12,000-psi differential pressure and H2S service, the FlexPac packer features tight design control of the extrusion gap on either side of the pack elements.

Hold-down tool

To prevent the packer from being pumped uphole during stimulation operations, the FlexPac packer hydraulic hold-down is installed in the tubing string above the packer.

The high-performance FlexPac service packer