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Retrievable compression packer

packer closeup

Reliable packer setting, interval isolation, and unsetting in horizontal and highly deviated wells

The PosiTest retrievable compression packer is a fullbore cased hole packer with a large internal bypass. With the appropriate amount of weight applied, this retrievable packer withstands high flow rates, elevated temperatures, and high pressures in cased wells at any angle. The sealing elements give you effective isolation of the perforation interval from annulus fluids.

Long-stroke version set by simple string reciprocation

The long-stroke version of the PosiTest packer is similar to the standard PosiTest retrievable compression packer except that it is set by string reciprocation instead of string rotation. The long-stroke packer can be easily redressed between operations or converted quickly to run in another casing weight.

Hydraulic hold-down module

Run with both the standard PosiTest packer and the long-stroke version, the hydraulic hold-down module prevents upward movement as a result of hydraulic forces acting below the packer during stimulation or when a firing head is being activated.

The PosiTest retrievable compression packer