Retrievable compression-set downhole packer

packer closeup

Integral hold-down slip system prevents being pumped uphole

The rugged PosiTrieve retrievable compression-set downhole packer performs all the functions of a conventional packer but it also has an extra section that prevents it from being pumped uphole. The hydraulic hold-down section at the upper end of the tool automatically activates whenever tubing pressure exceeds annulus pressure. When this occurs, the differential pressure pushes down a sleeve, and the upper tungsten carbide slips are pushed out against the casing wall. This action, which grips casing grades up to Q125, prevents the tool from being pumped uphole. The same amount of differential pressure hydraulically locks the bypass closed.

When the applied tubing pressure is bled off, the differential pressure is reversed (annulus to tubing), and the upper slips retract. The bypass is maintained in closed position by the weight of the drill collars. If the upper slips do not deactivate, an override occurs. When the string is picked up at the end of the test, an integral shoulder mechanically retracts the upper slips to enable pulling the packer loose after the bypass is opened.

With manual or automatic setting options, PosiTrieve packers span applications for pressure testing, stimulation, cement squeeze jobs, and leak detection. The packer is easily redressed between options or converted for other casing weights to reduce costs.

Positrieve compression-set downhole packer for well testing with integral hold-down slip system