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E-Z Valve

Retrievable well control tool

Close up of the downhole tester valves.

Protecting the annulus while securing the well at the BOP

The E-Z Valve retrievable well control tool is a surface-operated hydraulic safety valve for installation in the BOP stack of a jackup or land rig during well testing. In the event of an emergency, the pipe rams close around a slick joint above the valve to protect the annulus while the tool’s ball closes to secure the well at BOP level.

Pressure is held from above or below. This reliable surface safety valve (SSV) design holds pressure up to 15,000 psi from below and can be pressure tested up to 7,500 psi from above.

Pump-through capability enables killing the well while the E-Z Valve tool is the fail-safe closed position with a differential pressure of 1,800 psi from above maintained across the ball valve.

Optional chemical injection is available at or below the valve level.

E-Z Valve reliable well control tool