Cased Hole Field Transfer Unit

Validated sample transfer in less than 1 h for transport

at rig site running Quartet into the hole

Don’t compromise in maintaining single-phase samples for transport

The cased hole field transfer unit is a customized field workstation that streamlines the transfer and validation of single-phase reservoir fluid samples into single-phase transport cylinders.

Dedicated hoses, a nitrogen intensifier, stainless steel construction, and air-operated high-pressure pumps—all with a minimum of connections—reliably maintain sample pressure and ensure no cross-contamination during transfer.

This expedited yet reliable sample transfer process is a mercury-free operation that can be performed in less than one hour to maintain representative downhole conditions.

Validate results to minimize risk

Following transfer, sample validation can be confirmed by field bubblepoint measurement performed using a 2-cm3 constant-volume cell connected to a calibrated dial test gauge. The cell removes the risk of error and ensures that identical volumes are progressively removed during depressurization, delivering a reliable field bubblepoint determination.

Field transfer unit
Field transfer unit.