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Nonreactive Reservoir Sampler

Capture chemically representative reservoir fluid samples

Oil splash

Inert materials preserve H₂S and other trace elements for accurate phase measurements

The nonreactive reservoir sampler (NRS) is a single-phase reservoir sampler modified by constructing or coating all sample-wetted components with inert materials to collect chemically representative samples during bottomhole sampling operations. The inert materials were validated during more than 3,000 hours of testing—this means that all components that contact the sample during recovery and transfer cannot react with fluid contents, which in turn greatly reduces the usual loss of H2S, mercaptans, and other trace elements by reaction with the sample chamber. 

Improve safety by pinpointing H2S content

The NRS captures monophasic samples to avoid partitioning of trace components between the phases. This means you can apply controlled flashing to the sample to accurately measure H2S in the gas, oil, and water phases.

Nonreactive Reservoir Sampler