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Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler

Retrieve and maintain single-phase samples above reservoir pressure

at rig site running Quartet into the hole

The advanced system for all your subsurface sampling applications

The single-phase reservoir sampler (SRS) is a specialized system that maintains the sample in a single-phase condition above reservoir pressure as the tool is retrieved from the hole.

This reliable technology provides truly representative samples—which is essential for measurements requiring samples in unaltered condition, such as pressurized pH measurements in formation water or asphaltene deposition analysis in oil.

Regardless of your sampling application, the SRS enables controlled, uncontaminated reservoir sampling without sample flashing. The unaltered sample is retrieved at the surface in its single-phase state, requiring no recombination before transfer. Eliminating sample recombination at surface means your sample transfer takes only minutes instead of hours.

The mercury-free, pressure-compensating SRS can be run in strings of up to eight tools on slickline, wireline or electric line, coiled tubing, or sucker pump rods. Each SRS has its own clock, giving you complete flexibility in deciding when and at what depth it takes a sample.

Single-Phase Reservoir Sampler