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Seismic Focal Point

Real-time induced seismicity monitoring service


Detect local seismic events in real time

Induced seismicity is a phenomenon that occurs when mechanical stress shifts subsurface layers, causing tremors. SLB has taken the lead in addressing the detection and effects of this phenomenon through its Seismic Focal Point™ real-time induced seismicity monitoring service. 

The service uses special instrumentation to record low-energy events, and its cloud-based system provides automated, prompt notification of local seismic events that might affect regulatory compliance. 

Seismic Focal Point
A cloud-based system providing prompt notification of local seismic events that affect regulatory compliance.
  • Seismic data acquisition (internal or external data sources)
  • Regulatory induced-seismicity monitoring, reservoir monitoring, and stimulation monitoring
  • Saltwater disposal injection and geothermal injection
  • Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects
  • Underground natural gas injection and storage 

Proven technology with international track record

Automated monitoring and recording of seismic events
Cloud-based web portal showing the location and magnitude of seismic events
Advanced processing and geophysical interpretation available through SLB support team