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Amendment Phase 1

2,350 km2 of acquisition data in the US Gulf of Mexico

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WesternGeco, in partnership with TGS, has acquired 2,350 km2 of ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic data as part of the Amendment Phase 1 project—the first large-scale, industry-funded deepwater multiclient OBN seismic project in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The Amendment Phase 1 program created a dataset using an innovative acquisition strategy combined with high-end model building and imaging technologies to accelerate field development and enable near-field exploration in the Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley protraction areas. The survey covers areas of open acreage, existing producing assets, and new discoveries.

Image showing acquisition area of Amendment Phase 1 project in US Gulf of Mexico.

Amendment Phase 1 fast-track data is now available.

The Amendment Phase 1 program will better illuminate complex subsurface structures, help maximize the value of producing assets, and rejuvenate exploration portfolios. Preliminary results show the combination of underlying multi-WAZ streamer data with ultralong offsets and FAZ coverage from the sparse-node acquisition and latest full-waveform inversion workflows will significantly improve imaging of both reservoir heterogeneity and compartmentalization within existing discoveries. This data also offers the potential to derisk untested deeper exploration targets associated with deep salt feeders and welds.

Our extensive geophysical and geological knowledge in this prolific part of the US Gulf of Mexico will collectively enable you to make better-informed, cost-effective, and strategic decisions during the exploration, development, and production phases.