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Join Egypt’s new digital bid round

Brownfield, greenfield, and frontier exploration investment opportunities across Egypt


Egypt’s new digital bid round is open in multiple areas across the Western Desert, Gulf of Suez, Eastern Desert, and the Red Sea basins—open now through 1 April 2024.

Bid Round Data Summary
Bid Round Data Summary

Egypt’s exploration opportunities

On 25 September 2023, Egypt opened diverse new exploration opportunities covering 23 blocks across basins and plays onshore, offshore, and in deep water. This licensing round include:

  • 10 bidding blocks in the Western Desert
  • 7 bidding blocks in the Gulf of Suez
  • 4 bidding blocks in the Red Sea
  • 2 bidding blocks in the Eastern Desert

These blocks offer oil, gas, and condensate exploration and production opportunities. The unique geographic location, market size of Egypt, and established infrastructure, position the country to lead the import and export of oil and gas in the region and attract new investments in Egypt’s upstream sector.

Enable competitive ROI from Egypt’s exploration opportunities

  • Worldwide digital access to datasets in the Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG) portal
  • Attractive commercial terms and conditions
  • Enhanced exploitation of resources using existing infrastructure
  • Diversity of exploration settings—mature, underexplored, and frontier basins
  • Investment opportunities both onshore and offshore
  • Gas liquefaction plants that can accelerate return on investment through export options
ROI Section
ROI Section

Access Egypt’s rich, evergreen E&P datasets through the Egypt Upstream Gateway

Map of EUG’s 3D seismic evergreening footprint

Explore new opportunities with evergreen data

Enhance subsurface evaluations of the bid round opportunities and open acreage by leveraging recent seamless reprocessed 3D seismic volumes across the prolific basins of the Western Desert, Nile Delta, and the Levantine basins. .

For more information on EUG’s evergreening projects, please contact us.

Topographic drawing of Egypt in white and blue.

Egypt's new digital bid round

Become a member of the EUG and access comprehensive bid round content and regional insights now. The EUG provides secure access to more than 2,500 TB of seismic data and 70 years of production data, including evergreened subsurface data. With reimaged and integrated data at your fingertips, you can quickly and more effectively screen and evaluate exploration opportunities across Egypt.

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