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Indonesia Makassar Strait

Newly reprocessed 3D data

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Our newly reprocessed multiclient 3D seismic dataset from the Indonesian Makassar Strait covers 10,390 km2 and is available for evaluation.

Geophysical and exploration challenges include

  • multiples and combinations of long-period, 3D, and diffracted multiples
  • large lateral velocity contrasts and anisotropy effects
  • low signal-to-noise ratio and imaging for both shallow and deep targets
  • uncertainties and drilling risk for targets.


Reprocessed multiclient 3D survey map of Indonesia.
Reprocessed 3D data in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia.

Data coverage and quality are appropriate for all exploration activities, including placement of appraisal wells and field development planning.

The reprocessing sequence included


Our reprocessing strategy resulted in

  • improved structural imaging, especially in areas of steep dips, deep water, and rugose seabed
  • greatly improved noise and multiple attenuation
  • improved data interpretation
  • AVO-friendly migration gathers.