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Møre Basin 2D Reprocessing Project

13,000 km of 2D multiclient seismic data

WesternGeco texture hero

Reprocessed legacy seismic surveys across Møre Basin, Southern Norwegian Sea

WesternGeco, in collaboration with GeoProvider, is undergoing a multiclient reprocessing project extending across the Møre Basin in the Southern Norwegian Sea. The project comprises 13,000 km of 2D seismic data from five legacy surveys, with reprocessing lines in the Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) 2020 and 25th licensing round blocks.

Image showing multiclient reprocessing area of Norwegian Sea’s Møre Basin
Subregional seismic grid of the Møre Basin available for initial resource assessments and petroleum system analysis.

The final 2D seismic data will be available to licensees in 2021.

Image showing type section west to east  through Møre Basin transect
Legacy 2D seismic data highlighting indications of Cretaceous sands and volcanic imaging challenges.

Improved deep regional imaging

The Palaeocene and Cretaceous reservoir intervals of the Møre Basin present an exciting exploration opportunity west of the existing Jurassic Norwegian Sea play, with confirmed reservoir units and hydrocarbon presence. Cretaceous stratigraphic traps continue to be successfully exploited globally, and many of these features can be observed and mapped on the 2D seismic datasets.

The Møre Basin 2D reprocessing project offers a valuable opportunity for significant image uplift through a modern processing sequence. This includes deterministic inversion of source-and-receiver ghosts; the latest multiple attenuation methods; and experienced, interpretation-led velocity analysis.