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Anomalous Amplitude Attenuation

Remove unwanted noise while preserving signal quality

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Many sources of noise contaminate your seismic recordings.

This noise degrades image quality, hampers interpretation, and distorts the seismic signal prior to inversion and other reservoir-definition stages.

Eliminate a range of noise modes to enhance image quality

Our anomalous amplitude attenuation (AAA) workflow addresses a range of different noise modes, including marine swell noise, seismic interference, biological noise, ground roll, air blast, wind noise, near-surface scatterers, and cultural noise. It is applicable to all types of seismic data—land and marine, legacy and new acquisition.

We use sophisticated time and space spectral analyses to identify and attenuate anomalous noise zones within the seismic record. The data-adaptive process leaves the seismic record untouched in areas where noise contamination is small, maintaining high signal fidelity.

Customers around the world have used the AAA workflow to enable completion of projects on schedule and avoid downtime due to weather, reshoots, and other delays.