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Slimhole HPHT well logging platform

SlimXtreme Slimhole HPHT logging platform.
500 degF
30,000 psi
3 7/8 in
Borehole diameter

Break through logging barriers in extreme-environment slim wells

The SlimXtreme slimhole HPHT well logging platform enables logging in the toughest of places: ultradeep HPHT wells with borehole diameters as small as 3 7/8 in.

The platform integrates robust HPHT-rated tools providing array induction resistivity, formation photoelectric absorption cross section, bulk density, thermal neutron porosity, and gamma ray measurements. All tools use advanced wireline digital telemetry rated to the same pressure and temperature as the platform. Data transmission capability is through wireline cables as long as 36,000 ft.

SlimExtreme being run in hole


The SlimXtreme slimhole HPHT logging platform provides an integrated dataset with the information required for basic formation evaluation answers, such as porosity and saturations. Tool output is fully corrected for borehole and environmental effects. The real-time mud resistivity measurement is used to compute tool standoff and environmental corrections.

This foundational insight is readily expanded by combining the dataset with additional measurements. Integrated interpretation employs advanced workflows, the multidisciplinary expertise of our interpretation geoscientists and engineers working with you as needed, and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data. The result is the fullest possible understanding of complex lithologies, such as carbonate, shaly sand, and shale reservoirs.

Interpretation Services for SlimXtreme Slimhole HPHT Well Logging Platform