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Q-Borehole Explorer

High-output, wide-bandwidth truck vibrator

Borehole Seismic

Drive directly to your wellsite

The Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator conforms to both US and California highway and emissions regulations to eliminate trailer transport. Offroad agility is enhanced by 13-in baseplate clearance and eight-wheel drive for positioning the source exactly where you want it.

Four drive axles evenly distribute the vehicle weight for stability and low ground pressure on station. The result is excellent ground coupling for delivering strong, low-frequency energy.

Q-Borehole truck
Truck-Based Seismic Data Acquisition
See the Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator in transit and generating seismic energy.
Frequency bandwidth improvement
The frequency bandwidth improvement provided by the Q-Borehole Explorer vibrator is readily evident in this borehole data recorded with the VSI versatile seismic imager in a 5,000-ft well. The conventional linear sweep (blue) is limited to 8 to 80 Hz, whereas the frequency produced by the MD Sweep methodology (red) ranges from 1.5 to 150 Hz.
Frequency bandwidth improvement

High-output, wide-bandwidth, low-distortion vibroseis source

By improving on the safety, data quality, and efficiency of conventional truck-based sources, the Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator helps you meet the challenges of borehole seismic data acquisition, especially in deeper, complex formations.

The low-frequency-enhanced MD Sweep maximum sweep displacement methodology is used to provide the vibroseis signal required for modern borehole seismic operations. Full power is achieved at the displacement limit of the vibrator by optimizing the drive rate and force level at the beginning of the sweep. This sweep design is proven to add up to half an octave of full-power, low-frequency bandwidth over what conventional sweeps can achieve.

The first break from the MD Sweep methodology’s extended bandwidth output by the Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator (right) is much cleaner than in the conventional sweep (left) in the 5,500-ft well.

Conventional sweep Extended sweep

Fidelity and resolution are similarly greatly improved in the MD Sweep methodology’s corridor stack compared with that of the conventional source in the 5,000-ft well.

Conventional sweep Expanded sweep