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Slimhole repeat formation tester

Reservoir formation

Accurate pressure measurements and fluid sampling in small-diameter boreholes

The SRFT slimhole repeat formation tester—with a 3 3/8-in OD—brings wireline formation testing for pressure measurement and sampling to small-diameter boreholes. It can also be run in wells where conventional tools cannot function because of abrupt changes in angle, swelling formations, hole restrictions, and other well stability problems.

20,000-psi pressure rating
350-degF temperature rating

Quartz gauge for multiple measurements

The SRFT tester can be repeatedly set and retracted during a single trip in the well. Quick, accurate pressure measurements are provided by the CQG crystal quartz gauge. The proprietary CQG design incorporates a single quartz crystal that measures pressure and temperature at the same point in the crystal. This unique feature significantly reduces thermal effects to provide the most accurate pressure measurements available.

SRFT graph
Real-time analysis of SRFT tester pressure measurements identifies flow regime.

Representative measurements for determining the flow regime

The SRFT tester’s pressure measurements can be used to identify the flow regime in real time on the basis of characteristic patterns displayed by the pressure derivative data. From the flow regime, reservoir parameters such as mobility can be determined for your reservoir.

Real time analysis
Real-time analysis identifies the flow regime.
DOT-approved bottle
The easily detachable, DOT-approved transportable sampling bottle collects a segregated fluid sample or two samples from different depths.

Sampling versatility of the DOT-approved bottle

A segregated sample can be recovered in the SRFT tester’s sample bottle, which is easily detachable and US DOT approved for transport. Alternatively, two fluid samples can be recovered from different depths.


The SRFT slimhole repeat formation tester makes it possible to accurately measure pressures and conduct mobility testing in small- or restricted-diameter boreholes. A reservoir pressure survey can be generated for connectivity analysis, along with the pressure gradient for fluid density and fluid contact information and fluid mobility determination to aid in sampling-point selection. One or two supplementary fluid samples can also be collected for laboratory analysis.

These data are the basis for accurate pressure profiles and mobility measurements that you can integrate with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data for a more complete reservoir picture. Our expert, multidisciplinary geoscientists and engineers work with you as needed to achieve an integrated interpretation, employing advanced workflows and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data and achieve the fullest possible understanding.

Interpretation Services for SRFT Slimhole Repeat Formation Tester