MEGADRIL Oil-Based Drilling Fluid System | SLB


Oil-based temperature-stable invert-emulsion drilling fluid system

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The MEGADRIL oil-based temperature-stable invert-emulsion drilling fluid system delivers robust, temperature-stable invert emulsion fluid without the associated elevated gel strengths. Through its unique combination of chemistries, the MEGADRIL system produces an improved relationship among the 6-rpm reading, gel strength, and yield point.

Increased hole-cleaning capabilities

The MEGADRIL system controls filtration without increasing overall viscosity. It has a higher tolerance for drill solids that can cause progressive gel strengths, enabling reduced pump pressures and increased hole cleaning capabilities while retaining manageable equivalent circulating density (ECD) values.

Superior cuttings transportation and fewer packoffs

The MEGADRIL system’s relationship among the yield point, 6-rpm dial reading, and the gel structure enables superior cuttings transport, dramatically improving hole cleaning. The system’s constant rheological relationship ensures efficient cuttings transport and fewer packoffs.

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