PARALAND Nonaqueous Drilling Fluid System | SLB


High-performance invert-emulsion drilling fluid system

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The PARALAND high-performance invert-emulsion drilling fluid system provides outstanding performance while meeting increasingly stringent environmental guidelines globally. The PARALAND system has consistently exceeded performance expectations with high rates of penetration, low dilution rates, and high levels of contamination tolerance, all with minimal environmental exposure. The system has proven to lower well costs and provide beneficial reuse of cuttings and a zero-waste option.

Fluid cost reductions up to 30% below estimates

Drilling fluids weights from 7.5 to 16 lb/gal [0.9 to 1.92 kg/L] have been easily achieved with ideal rheological and filtration properties provided by the PARALAND system. It is easily and economically maintained with actual total fluid-cost reductions of as much as 30% below estimate.

High performing, environmentally compatible fluid

The PARALAND system incorporates ready biodegradability and low terrestrial toxicity into all of its organic components. In addition, the inorganic components are designed to minimize conductivity and enhance plant growth. All of this is accomplished while maintaining the high-performance characteristics of an invert-emulsion fluid.

A lab technician monitoring a fluid test