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Oil-based ultrahigh-temperature drilling fluid system

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The RHADIANT oil-based ultrahigh-temperature drilling fluid system is formulated to maintain stability throughout the construction and evaluation of ultrahigh temperature wells with bottomhole static temperatures (BHST) of greater than 500 degF [260 degC]. The system maintains stable rheological profiles with all the characteristics needed to deliver cost-effective drilling rates in thermally hostile downhole environments.

Log, case, and cement wells efficiently during ultrahigh temperature drilling

Unlike conventional nonaqueous drilling fluids, the RHADIANT fluid system maintains extreme-temperature stability even during prolonged static conditions. Stable rheologies in tandem with ultrathin and slick filtercake deposits facilitate efficient logging, casing, and cementing operations. Additionally, the fluid system effectively protects downhole tools while optimizing operations, enabling accurate perforation placement, optimized completions, and high-quality reservoir characterization.

Eliminate typical ultrahigh temperature drilling challenges

The RHADIANT fluid system minimizes lost circulation, excessive equivalent circulating densities (ECD), stuck pipe, ballooning, well control and other issues typically associated with drilling deep and ultrahigh temperature wells. It also resists acid gas contamination and maintains stability during prolonged static periods of tripping, logging, and cementing. The low, nonprogressive gel structure, excellent high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) filtration control and superb filtercake quality of the RHADIANT fluid system combine to deliver a wellbore ideally conditioned for openhole logging and prospect evaluation.

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Oil-based ultrahigh-temperature drilling fluid system

Easily build the system to meet your needs with simple three-component system

The RHADIANT nonaqueous fluid system is both easy to build and maintain with only three components:

  • The MUL XT high-temperature emulsifier is the emulsifier for the RHADIANT drilling fluid system. It significantly contributes to the system's extremely low HPHT fluid loss values and contains no nitrogen-based compounds that can break down at elevated temperatures and release harmful ammonia.
  • The ONE-TROL HT high-temperature filtration control agent maintains stability at 500 degF bottomhole static temperature with negligible effect on the rheological properties of the drilling fluid.
  • The ECOTROL HT high-temperature filtration-control additive is a secondary fluid loss control agent that, like its primary counterpart, retains stability in extreme temperature environments.

The RHADIANT system performs equally well with various paraffin-based fluid chemistries, providing the flexibility to formulate a system tailored to meet specific downhole and environmental demands.