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Flat rheology drilling fluid system

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Is it possible to eliminate fluid losses?

Yes. Read how an operator drilled the 2,472-m [8,110-ft] 12 ¼-in section of the latest well in a mature field offshore Norway and eliminated losses while running casing and liner.

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Read how flat rheology drilling fluid optimization aided one of the most ambitious deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

“[It] illustrates the importance of collaborating with a service provider that has a track record for expert multidisciplinary planning and integrating advanced technical solutions with flawless implementation to address formation challenges and minimize risk. Key challenges included the lower completion frac job and a highly deviated hole with a sidetrack.”

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Flat Rheology Fluid System

Flat Rheology Fluid System Improves Operational Efficiency in Green Canyon Wells

Learn how an operator used the RheGuard system to successfully log 2 extreme-angle wells—one in 5 days at 45° and the other in 7 days at 71°.

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Answers from an Expert

Damian Vickers, high-tier drilling fluids product champion, discusses how our flat rheology fluid system helps carve as much as 35% from fluid costs while reducing days to TD.

Drilling Intricate Intervals with RheGuard System

Watch a detailed presentation on how the RheGuard system is formulated with capabilities for faster delivery to TD in complex wells while helping to reduce costs.

Answers from an Expert: RheGuard System
Damian Vickers, HT Drilling Fluids Product Champion discusses flat-rheology fluid systems.
Flat rheology drilling fluid system

Optimize ECD, reduce barite sag, and enhance ROP

The RheGuard system delivers the consistently lower ECD and sag potential required for intricate intervals drilled in deepwater and other complex wells offshore. The system can eliminate the logistical complications and costs when drilling narrow hydraulic windows.

Specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for wells drilled in critical hydraulic windows, the RheGuard fluid system uses a unique emulsifier package to enable reliable operation in a range of downhole conditions. It can be designed for stability in temperatures up to 325 degF [163 degC], as well as in low deepwater temperature applications.

This innovative single-fluid solution ensures enhanced ROP, trouble-free pipe running, and high-integrity casing and liner cementing while minimizing losses. Even where hydraulic windows are not challenging, the RheGuard system helps you drill faster to reach TD earlier, saving time and money for your operation.

RheGuard key features


  • Hydraulic windows too narrow for conventional systems
  • High-angle wells with a known risk of barite sag
  • Intervals where high losses when running and cementing casing and liners result in poor cement integrity
  • High mud-weight intervals that require thin rheological profiles
  • Higher ROP due to wider hydraulic windows
  • Complex offshore wells that must reach TD faster and economically
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