Barite-recovery decanting centrifuge

414 CENTRIFUGE barite-recovery decanting centrifuge.

The M-I SWACO 414 CENTRIFUGE barite-recovery decanting centrifuge is engineered to deliver high performance at low operating costs for both oilfield and industrial applications. This highly efficient decanting centrifuge recovers 95% of barite and returns it to the active system while rejecting finer, low-gravity solids. The advanced design of the stainless steel bowl and scroll maintains an even layer of conveyed solids for more uniform separation and maximum solids-control efficiency.

Variable speed main drive

The 414 CENTRIFUGE decanting centrifuge has a 14-in [353-mm] diameter and a 34-in [860-mm] length with a stainless steel bowl and conveyor assembly. The variable speed main drive is V-belt driven through a torque converter by a 25-hp, explosion-proof electric motor. The main drive (1,600–3,300-rpm) bowl speeds are easily changed with the variable-step sheave arrangement. The differential or backdrive is V-belt driven by a 7.5-hp, explosion-proof electric motor. The differential speed of the conveyor can be adjusted from –18 to +85 rpm.

Tungsten carbide discharge ports and hardfaced conveyor flights

The 414 CENTRIFUGE decanting centrifuge consists of a contour bowl assembly that includes hardfacing protection in the feed zone, tungsten carbide discharge ports, and hardfaced conveyor flights. A two-step planetary 3,500-N.m gearbox with a 57.1:1 ratio drives the centrifuge. Additional overload protection is provided with a mechanical clutch and safety shutdown devices.

414 CENTRIFUGE barite-recovery decanting centrifuge