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518 HV

High-volume, high-speed decanting centrifuge

518 HV high-volume, high-speed decanting centrifuge.

The M-I SWACO 518 HV high-volume, high-speed decanting centrifuge is the premier high-speed, decanting centrifuge for drilling-mud and fluids-handling applications. Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial service, the 518 HV centrifuge is especially effective for drying solids in environmentally sensitive areas. It delivers high fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the costs of makeup fluids and disposal. In most instances, the 518 HV centrifuge can surpass the operational efficiency of two standard 518 centrifuges and provide increased fluid handling capacity as well as improved solids separation.

Built for superior performance

The 518 HV centrifuge has a high-capacity 14-in-diameter x 57 1/2-in-long [353-mm x 1,460-mm] stainless steel bowl and conveyor assembly. Further, the 518 HV centrifuge is engineered to handle high fluid processing rates by providing more power and improving the fluid flow in and out of the machine. The available power for the main drive (50 hp) and back drive (15 hp) enables more fluid to be fed into the bowl while providing the necessary torque to remove the increased solids load resulting from the higher feed rate. The 518 HV centrifuge is precision-balanced for smooth operation over long periods at speeds of 1,900 to 3,250 rpm, generating centrifugal forces up to 2,100 G.

Lower turbulence means less energy consumption

The 518 HV centrifuge has an improved fluid accelerator to reduce turbulence and bring the fluid velocity (both magnitude and direction) up to the bowl rotating speed and direction as quickly as possible, thus reducing the energy consumed for fluid acceleration and reserving more energy for solids conveyance. The unit also contains a quasiaxial flow scroll that increases the flow area inside the bowl, thus reducing the fluid velocity and the onset of turbulence.

518 HV high-volume, high-speed decanting centrifuge.