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Fluid loss control additive

Multicolored fluids.

FLO-PLEX fluid-loss-control additive is a polysaccharide derivative used to control filtration in the DRILPLEX system at recommended concentrations.

FLO-PLEX additive will not destroy the low-end rheology of the DRILPLEX system as observed with conventional anionic fluid-loss-control agents. The additive is effective in seawater fluids, but all hardness should be treated out before the FLO-PLEX additive is added. It can be used in any other type of fluid where starches and cellulosic additives are permitted. The temperature stability of FLO-PLEX additive is about 250 degF [120 degC] but may be extended to 300 degF [149 degC] by the addition of a thermal stability agent. FLO-PLEX additive is resistant to bacterial degradation.

Graph of API after hot rolling.
API fluid loss of FLO-PLEX additive in an 11.5-lb/gal [1.38-sg] system after hot rolling at 150 degF [66 degC] for 16 hours.
Graph of API after hot rolling.
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
White powder
pH (4% water)
9.5 to 10.5
Solubility in water
Bulk density
35 to 40 lb/ft3 [560 to 640 kg/m3]