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Amine-based shale inhibitor

KLA-SHIELD enhanced-polymer water based drilling system

KLA-HIB amine-based shale inhibitor is a liquid polyamine shale inhibitor for water-based drilling fluids that inhibits reactive shale by preventing water uptake. Effective inhibition of clay hydration minimizes the potential for bit balling.

It is used in applications where levels of inhibition obtained with other amine additives such as KLA-STOP liquid polyamine shale additive are not required.

KLA-HIB can be used as the primary hydration inhibitor in KLA-SHIELD enhanced-polymer water-based drilling fluid system. Alternatively, it can be used as an additional inhibitor in gypsum or lime systems.

Aerial view of rig site in the desert.
KLA-HIB shale inhibitor is used in water-based drilling fluids like KLA-SHIELD drilling fluid to prevent water uptake.


Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Dark liquid
Characteristic amine
Specific gravity
1.03 to 1.05
pH (1% solution)
Flash point
>230 degF [110 degC]
Solubility in water