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Thermal-resistant diamond element bit

Thermal-resistant diamond element bit.

ThermoBlade™ thermal-resistant diamond element bit saves customers drilling time and reduces the need for costly bit trips. These bits use thermal-resistant diamond cutting elements that effectively mitigate the effects of thermal degradation—cracking and chipping of the cutter surface—to increase durability, extend bit life, and improve overall bit performance for both oil and gas and geothermal wells.

  • Conventional and unconventional land in Canada, Middle East, and US
  • Offshore Gulf of Mexico
  • Hard and abrasive formations
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Lowers drilling time
  • Reduces costly bit trips
  • Mitigates effects of thermal degradation (cutter cracking and chipping)
  • Extends bit life
  • Improves overall bit performance

SLB developed the new ThermoBlade bit using a proprietary cutting element with a thicker diamond table and engineered diamond table interface. The interface provides this cutting element with mechanical strength and durability. The cutting element also has a novel thermal stability against the tremendous heat that can approach 1,000 degC [1,832 degF] and shearing forces concentrated on the tip. This combination gives ThermoBlade bit better resistance to thermal degradation that causes cutter damage on other drill bits. These features improve drillbit rate of penetration (ROP) and its ability to drill to interval total depth (TD) in fewer or single bit runs.

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