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Hydra-Jar AP

Double-acting hydraulic drilling jar

Hydra drilling jar on rig site

High-impact force reliably delivered

The Hydra-Jar AP double-acting hydraulic drilling jar enables jarring up or down and varying impact force to free stuck drillstring components to minimize NPT and avoid sidetracking. When run with the Accelerator AP impact tool, the Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar delivers up to 1 million lbf of impact while protecting the drillstring and surface equipment from shock.

Rugged jar design ensures consistent impact

The Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar is balanced to hydrostatic pressure through ports open to the wellbore, ensuring consistent hitting performance regardless of changes in downhole pressure or temperature. Hitting performance is further enhanced by the jar’s detent syste enables the jar to load and fire consistently in a broad range of downhole conditions.

The Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar has been proven in high-temperature applications worldwide as an HT technology for directional drilling and MLWD operations.

Reliable jarring in all environments with BHA compatibility

The Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar is suitable for every drilling environment on land or offshore, in vertical or deviated wells, and in ultradeep or ultrahot boreholes. Because the jar works without applied torque, directional drilling tools maintain their orientation throughout the jarring operation.

Flexible and simple jarring operation

The Hydra-Jar AP drilling jar may be run in compression or tension, enabling optimized placement in the drillstring. The jar makes up, racks, and handles like a standard-length drillpipe, reducing trip time.

Hydra-Jar AP Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar
Hydra-Jar AP
Double-acting hydraulic drilling jar