Double-Diamond Combo Tool | SLB

Double-Diamond Combo Tool

Single-piece tool for reaming and stabilization

Blue rock texture.

The double-diamond combo tool is manufactured from high-strength alloy steel as a single-piece tool. It is an extremely effective bottomhole stabilizer where severe crooked hole tendencies are encountered.

High-quality borehole

The unitized construction features two sets of three-blade spiraled ribs designed to reduce damage to the hole wall and ensure maximum fluid circulation. Optimally spaced diamond-enhanced inserts (DEIs) provide the reaming action necessary to keep the hole in gauge.

Rugged construction

The inserts are brazed into the tool body, ensuring dependable service and complete repairability. Type 300 hardfacing provides optimum wear resistance and stabilizer blade life.

Improved ROP

The increased hole wall contact area enables more drilling weight to be applied, thus improving penetration rates while staying within acceptable deviation limits.

Double-diamond stabilizer illustration.