GeoReam Dual-Diameter Near-Bit Reamer | SLB


Dual-diameter near-bit reamer

Blue rock texture.

Ensure borehole quality with a compact, formation-specific design

With a shorter pilot conditioning section as well as shorter drillstring connections, the GeoReam dual-diameter near-bit reamer—a member of the Quad-D dual-diameter drift and drill reamer family—is well suited to be run directly above the pilot bit for directional applications. This combination is recommended when a PDC cutting structure is not the best option for the pilot bit. The GeoReam reamer can be used with both downhole motors and rotary steerable systems (RSSs).

Optimal drilling efficiency and hole quality

Although compact in length, the pilot conditioning section centralizes and stabilizes the tool for superior hole quality while drilling. Various tool diameters are available to ensure a full-gauge hole. A formation-specific design helps to optimize drilling efficiency.

Reduced number of trips

The reamer'’s ability to drill out cement prior to underreaming means that two separate trips in the hole can be replaced with one.

Illustration of a GeoReam dual-diameter near-bit reamer.