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Slimhole petrophysics evaluation-while-drilling service

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The OmniSphere service provides customers with a family of advanced, all-inclusive petrophysical formation evaluation offerings to reduce drilling risks while drilling, particularly in slimhole horizontal sections. Included with the OmniSphere service is an unmatched domain expertise locally implanted to provide sound interpretation of the widest range of measurements to enable improved completion strategies.

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Petrophysical evaluation for slimhole wellbores with ruggedized LWD density/neutron measurements for Improved reliability and performance.

OmniSphere DN slimhole petrophysics evaluation-while-drilling service

OmniSphere DN service provides real-time apparent neutron porosity, average and azimuthal formation bulk density and photoelectric factor, density and photoelectric factor images, and caliper for reservoir characterization and geosteering. It delivers high-quality measurement in any formation with improved precision in low-porosity and high-density rocks, such as tight carbonates, limestone, and anhydrite. Ruggedized electronics ensures reliability under the most challenging drilling conditions, including high shock and vibrations, heavy and corrosive muds, and high temperatures. Download product sheet

OmniSphere RGM slimhole petrophysics evaluation-while-drilling service

The OmniShere RGM service is for directional and formation evaluation applications. It is capable of real-time continuous and static direction and inclination surveying, gamma ray, and resistivity. OmniSphere RGM provides efficient surveying solutions, such as QuikSurvey continuous-circulation directional survey service and pumps-off surveying, to reduce invisible lost time associated with MWD operations. Download product sheet

OmniSphere SGR slimhole petrophysics evaluation-while-drilling

OmniSphere SGR service uses spectral gamma ray (SGR) to provide real-time insight into the mineral composition of formations, enabling petrophysical decisions through clay typing and lithology in complex formations—particularly where sand-shale sequences are present. Well placement accuracy is improved while reducing rig time with quicker formation evaluations. OmniSphere SGR service reduces HSE risks with sourceless and batteryless operation, which also improves efficiency by making back-to-back runs possible without changing batteries. Download product sheet