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Multipole sonic-while-drilling service

Composite image of the sonicSCOPE system and sample data logs that it generates

LWD multipole acoustics delivers real-time accuracy

The SonicScope service combines high-quality monopole and quadrupole measurements to obtain compressional, shear, and Stoneley data in all formations and across a wide range of hole sizes from surface to TD. Combined with a full-characterized tool design, simplified and automated operations, and advanced processing techniques, the SonicScope service delivers robust, accurate, and reliable acoustics measurements for many applications from petrophysics to cement evaluation.

  • Available in 4 3/4-in, 6 3/4-in, 8 1/4-in, and 9-in collar sizes
  • Fully characterized acoustics measurements across all formations and hole sizes from 5 7/8 in to 26 in
  • Logging while drilling or while tripping and at up to 1,800 ft/h without slowing down drilling operations
  • Real-time and memory compressional and shear measurements from both monopole and quadrupole modes
  • Industry-leading quadrupole shear inversion for accurate shear data in both real time and memory in slow formations
  • Shear validated against wireline out to 960 us/ft
Renderings of the different hole size versions of the SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service
From top: SonicScope 900, SonicScope 825, SonicScope 675, SonicScope 475 services.

Extensive quality control for data confidence

The SonicScope service includes a wide variety of quality control tools in both real time and memory that demonstrate the reliability of the data, the validity of the chosen processing methodology, and the accuracy of the final results.

Increase reservoir understanding with quantitative formation data

The service provides accurate formation velocity information for key petrophysical and geological applications, such as porosity determination, lithology identification, gas saturation, fluid typing, and fracture identification, helping to increase reservoir understanding and to inform improved decisions.

Sample log of data generated by the SonicScope Multipole sonic-while-drilling service
Sample log of data generated by the SonicScope service.

Update target depths in real-time and manage geophysical uncertainty

The robust real-time compressional and shear data from SonicScope service allows geophysicists to accurately tie back to surface seismic, manage uncertainty while drilling, and provide updates on target and hazard positioning. The same data is also a key part of rock physics workflows to connect petrophysical, geomechanical, and geophysical data to the intrinsic rock properties.

Mitigate drilling risk in complex environments and enhance completions for maximized production

With reliable compressional and shear data in all formations, drillers and geomechanicists have the tools needed to calculate rock strength, estimate pore pressure, and update the secure mud weight window in real time to optimize drilling success, minimize unnecessary casing strings, and manage critical drilling decisions across all hole sections. The same rock mechanics information also provides the tools completions engineers need to optimize completion and fracturing design with a better understanding of the rock mechanical properties and for production engineers to monitor long-term production problems, such as sanding.

Monitor well integrity without additional rig time

SonicScope service offers the ability to determine both top of cement and deliver a cement bond index measurement with the SonicScope Cement Evaluation service. Top of cement can be determined in real-time, either while tripping in or out of the casing, allowing operators an early indication of cementing performance without the need to run additional logging services. The SonicScope Cement Evaluation service delivers a quantitative bond index measurement, equivalent to a conventional cement bond log, while tripping at up to 1,800 ft/h. This two-part service—cement detection and cement bond evaluation—enables a rapid assessment of the cementing operation outcome and increases confidence before drilling out the shoe.

Multipole sonic-while-drilling service