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Nitrogen Generation Units

Maximize protection and production of mature reservoirs


M-I SWACO nitrogen generation units offer nitrogen gas generation and injection at selectable flow rates to assure purity for multiphase managed pressure and underbalanced drilling applications.

Mobile nitrogen generation unit

Mobile nitrogen generation units (MNGUs) are mounted on a single trailer, with full interconnection and calibration, complete with inlet and outlet metering. They are specifically designed for rapid deployment to remote locations. MNGUs minimize transport, rig-up and removal time, and environmental footprint while maximizing efficiency and maintenance. The MNGU is the optimal, cost-effective choice for remote locations because it facilitates nitrogen logistics, provides continuous mobility, and produces nitrogen at high purities.

Skid nitrogen generation unit

Skid nitrogen generation units (SNGUs) are mounted in protective ISO containers for easy, reliable handling and stacking. The SNGU includes diesel or electrically powered motors, a membrane nitrogen generation system, three compressors, and a booster. The electrically driven SNGU is efficiently quiet, using a generator driven by one engine that requires less maintenance and has a smaller carbon footprint in terms of exhaust, engine oil, and coolant. It can be modified for use in offshore applications.

Nitrogen Generation Unit