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MPD Project Management and Consulting Services

Engineering partnership from design to drilling

MPD Project Management & Consulting Services

When pressure-related challenges are expected on a drilling campaign, M-I SWACO MPD engineers can provide analysis, planning, and execution support—independent of the equipment being used on your project—to optimize drilling performance and thereby lower well construction costs.

Well analysis

Based on the desired drilling targets and planned well architecture, we evaluate the pore pressure, fracture pressure, and stability pressure requirements of the well. After analyzing various drilling scenarios, the optimal pressure limits, fluid hydraulics, and mud weights are determined using proprietary software packages. This forms an engineered basis for the well design and drilling plan, including the required degree of control, hardware, drilling and pressure control procedures, contingency plans, and training.

MPD Project Management & Consulting Services
MPD Project Management & Consulting Services

System engineering

If the evaluation indicates that MPD is required, our well engineering services can be used to select or optimize the performance of the equipment best suited not only to execute the job but also to integrate economically with the rig.

These customized systems are designed on a well-by-well basis. After mapping out the specific hardware and software components for maximum performance, we can create the systems to achieve the specified drilling objectives.

Project execution

Once the MPD equipment and control systems are in place, our engineers can execute the agreed plan using dedicated resources, working closely with the rig contractor.

Proprietary software and years of experience are leveraged to manage the pressure window throughout the drilling, tripping, and cementing processes. The ability of onsite and offsite personnel to rapidly and knowledgeably respond to changing situations turns MPD decisions from reactive to proactive.

MPD Project Management & Consulting Services