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Subsea Pressure Intensifier

Maximize the working pressure of subsea mounted accumulators

Installation of a control pod used in our MUX systems being lowered into the ocean.

The ability to drill in deeper waters is an ever-increasing advantage in today’s market. One of the most important variables to determining drilling depth capabilities is the amount of usable fluid subsea for activating controls from surface.

The Cameron subsea pressure intensifier (SPI) enables increasing the usable control fluid stored in subsea mounted accumulators by boosting the working pressure from a conventional 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa] up to the full rated pressure of 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa].

Available for new-build rigs or as a retrofittable option, the SPI is a space-saving, economical solution that enables you to

  • improve shearing capability
  • extend your operating work area into greater water depths
  • use nitrogen gas instead of costly helium gas (stack dependent)
  • minimize the weight increase on existing BOP stacks
  • increase your capacity to comply with Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Well Control Rule and API Spec 16D.
Rendering showing that the system needs two subsea pressure intensifiers installed on the stack.
Exterior materials
NACE MR0175–compliant 17-4 PH Condition H1150D stainless steel
Piston material
NACE MR0175–compliant 4130-grade steel with aluminum bronze overlay
Charge time
30 to 60 min to 7,500 psi (stack dependent)
Control valve
Integral 5,000-psi control valve
Service life
20 years with seal replacement per 10,000 strokes
Water depth
Greater than 15,000 ft [4,572 m]