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Adaptable collet connector

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The EVO-Con adaptable collet connector provides versatility and capacity. With the ability to work on any wellhead, the EVO-Con connector’s collet fingers can be changed out, enabling the use of different connector brands and sizes, including 27- and 30-in H4.

It has the strength of the DWHC connector with a shorter swallow. The EVO-Con connector also features a simple design with only one hydraulic circuit which uses less hydraulic fluid for locking and unlocking.

3,250,000 lbm
63.06 in [1,601 mm]
Max. subsea wellhead OD
30 in [762 mm]
Max. connector OD
72 in [1,828 mm]
Adapter kit
H4 wellheads and various connection sizes
EVO-Con Adaptable Collet Connector 3D Model