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HCH4 Collet Connector

Engineered specifically to fit mandrel-style hubs

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The HCH4 collet connector was engineered specifically to fit mandrel-style hubs. It includes the standard HC operating system and load carrying components. The HCH4 connector has a unique locking design which includes three load shoulders on the collet segments, or fingers. This design allows the HC-style connector to lock onto an H4 wellhead and maintain a direct load path.


  • Preload: up to 5,875,000 lbm
  • Height: 44.00 in [1,117.60 mm]
  • Maximum subsea wellhead OD: 27.00 in [685.80 mm]
  • Maximum connector OD: 62.00 in [1,574.80 mm]
  • Metal-to-metal sealing AX gasket is standard
HCH4 Collet Connector 3D Model