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DrillSync Automated Controls Platform

Drilling control software and services to seamlessly synchronize surface and downhole parameters

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The DrillSync automated controls platform hosts an array of controls software, including fast-loop applications to increase drilling efficiency, equipment applications to improve flat-time activities, and data analytics applications to help reduce the well-construction time. It can plug into any rig, onshore or offshore, and comes with preinstalled apps activated with a license key that enables you to select and pay for only the applications you need. Additionally, the DrillSync platform leverages Schlumberger's extensive downhole knowledge and experience along with Cameron's century-long surface-equipment expertise to seamlessly synchronize the surface and downhole parameters.

The platform and its applications enable operator interaction from the comfort of the driller’s chair using the human machine interface (HMI). Features include system activation and deactivation, system configurations, status and system health, progress trends, and diagnostics.

Let's Talk About Smart Drilling
DrillSync Automated Controls Platform
DrillSync Adaptive AutoDriller

DrillSync Adaptive AutoDriller is self-adaptive drilling based on system response and monitored downhole conditions. It requires significantly less set-point tuning and delivers a smoother, more stable dynamic response in varying formations. Improvements in the way the application calculates the overall control gain reduce overcorrecting, which results in a more stable BHA response, especially when more than one control loop is active.

Self-adapting drilling enables the driller to simply enter a relatively high ROP set point, and the application takes care of the rest, thereby reducing the time and efforts spent on tuning. Additionally, an ROP-average feature assists in dynamically adjusting the ROP set point and limit based on the current well profile, including weight on bit, top drive torque, and differential pressure.

DrillSync Downlink

DrillSync Downlink enables communicating with different sensors and tools in the BHA through rpm or flow-downlink method. Based on the configuration, tool, and mode and command selections, the system automatically sends commands to the downhole tool for decoding, significantly reducing control-loop time. DrillSync Downlink is particularly useful for directional drilling with rotary steerable system operations, logging while drilling, and measurement while drilling.

  • Versatile line code features
  • Efficient and intuitive configuration
  • Up to 80 unique predefined pulse commands selection from HMI
  • Easily editable and reconfigurable pulses
  • Increased success rate of downlink commands and lower associated risk of sending incorrect commands
  • Improved rig-time efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent downlinking
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by enabling remote directional drilling operations
  • Boosted versatility with the ability to work with any mud pump type
  • Easy to retrofit on any rig
DrillSync RADS

DrillSync RADS, or rotary active dampening system, mitigates stick/slip during drilling operations with an algorithm that uses surface-torque and surface-rpm measurements as inputs to the calculations. It determines in real time the optimal target surface rpm as an input to a top drive speed-control loop to damp drillstring scale torsional vibrations or overbroad frequency range—and without having to retune control parameters. Operator-enabled interactions with DrillSync RADS include system health and torque limit status, stick/slip performance index, and RADS performance trends. DrillSync RADS includes a surface torque oscillation performance index (STOPI), providing a stick/slip indicator for the driller. And DrillSync RADS is easy to integrate with existing top drive and VFD systems.

  • Quick implementation and user-friendly operator interface
  • Higher ROP and optimized drilling efficiency
  • Minimal equipment damage: tool joint, motor, gearbox, BHA, drill bit
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Longer top drive and drillbit life by reducing stick/slip wear
DrillSync ConsisTrip

DrillSync ConsisTrip in the rig control system (RCS) consists of bridge protection while tripping in and pull-limit protection while tripping out. The control system detects reductions or increases in hookload based on set parameters, and the RCS takes corrective actions by appropriately slowing or stopping the drawworks, including initiating an emergency stop. This prevents stuck pipe, drillstring slack-off or dropped pipe, and twist offs, along with resulting pipe damage. DrillSync ConsisTrip enables operator interaction, including entering set points and limits, and monitoring status along with audible and visual alarm notifications.

Bridge protection features

  • Slows down or emergency stops the drawworks when the hookload drops by 100% of the set point
  • Improves tripping in for tight-hole situations
  • Engages when hookload decreases by a certain amount (set on HMI)
  • Has a lower ceiling (not active if the block velocity or position is below the lower limits)

Pull-limit features

  • Slows or stops (not emergency stop) the drawworks
  • Enables tripping into tight-hole situation
  • Engages when hookload increases above set parameters
  • Stops the drawworks when the hookload reaches the pull-limit set point
DrillSync Oscillator

DrillSync Oscillator enables angle-, torque-, or rpm-based control for orienting and oscillating downhole motors to improve the weight transfer to the toolface and orienting the downhole toolface to drill in the desired direction. Automated oscillation control decreases frictional drag when slide drilling without changing downhole toolface to optimize ROP.

  • Easily integrates with existing top drive and VFD systems
  • Faster implementation and user-friendly interface
  • Changes offsets (wraps and angle) during operation
  • Enables higher performance and increased productivity
DrillSync Analytics

DrillSync Analytics is a data-driven domain application that enables drillers to monitor their equipment and rig crew performance through the rapid control systems HMI. The application is applicable to all types of offshore oil and gas rigs as well as onshore oil and gas and geothermal rigs.

  • Delivers performance analysis down to driller level for each trip-in, trip-out, and drilling connection activity
  • Conducts analysis and scoring of crew procedural adherences
  • Detects anomalies, showing activities that fall outside of the drilling parameters or sequences
  • Improves overall rig performance by promoting consistency and adherence to optimal drilling processes and parameters

How it works

  • Employs recorded rig data
  • Uses the high-frequency data to break down driller performance into micro-KPIs and provides actionable insights to improve performance
  • Identifies for investigation any anomalous sequences of tags that may be an unsafe act or condition, which, in turn, is an opportunity for improvement

The DrillSync platform and its supporting applications enable the driller to singularly coordinate the control of various types of drilling equipment and processes. This provides the driller with optimal automation with desired controls and monitoring, leaving the driller to focus on decision making rather than task execution.

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Better Synchronize Surface and Downhole Parameters

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