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Lift & Slide

Walking system

the Lift & Slide walking system

High flexibility in rig travel

Designed by T&T Engineering Services, the Lift & Slide walking system enables a rig to move forward, backward, and sideways. The system' turntable assembly—actuated by a hydraulic steering cylinder—allows the roller unit to rotate 90°. To adapt to the position of the rig, the system employs four corner lift units, each sized appropriately for weight distribution.

The control console consists of control valves with manual operations for independent control of lift rams, skidding jacks, rotation cylinders, and the beam positioning cylinder. The system can also be wirelessly controlled. Adaptable to a wide range of rig designs, the Lift & Slide system can be retrofitted to an existing rig.

the Lift & Slide walking system


  • 1,000- and 1,500-tonUS capacities
  • 360° rig movement
  • Only four assemblies required for rig walking
  • Walking speeds up to 1 ft/min
  • Loads carried on composite bearings rather than corrosion-prone rollers
  • Standard design built to accommodate 7,500 lbm/ft2
  • Wireless controls available