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Low-Pressure Mud System

Packages for every operation

Low-pressure pumps

We collaborate with you to assess, calculate, and design your low-pressure mud system or equipment.

Working with some of the world's leading suppliers of low-pressure equipment, we offer low-pressure pump packages and agitating units to suit every operation.

Low-Pressure System flow chart
Low-pressure mud system flow chart.
Low-Pressure System flow chart

Low-pressure pumps

  • DNV certification
  • Semi-open special impellers
  • High-quality bearings and mechanical seals
  • Concentric casing design with heavier frames

Agitating equipment

  • Shaft-type or submersible designs
  • Minimized energy consumption and maintenance
  • Space-saving footprint
  • Easy installation
  • ATEX and CE directive compliance

Tank washing equipment

  • Streamlined mud pit cleaning
  • Reduced exposure of personnel to hazardous chemicals
  • Robust and reliable operation
  • Highly corrosion-resistant materials
  • Custom engineering