Mud Mixing System | SLB

Mud Mixing System

Smart, safe, accurate drilling fluid operations

Sack dosing unit (SDU)

Our mud mixing and additive equipment makes drilling fluid mixing operations smarter, safer, and more accurate.

The portfolio comprises products that improve drilling fluid system operations from both production and operator standpoints.

Whether you need a full system design or stand-alone equipment, we have mud mixing and additive solutions that help improve your operations.

Mud Mixing System flow chart
Mud mixing system flow chart.
Mud Mixing System flow chart

Sack dosing unit (SDU)

  • Stand-alone unit with integrated control system
  • Market’s most compact footprint
  • Dust-free in operation
  • Integrated waste compactor
  • Can be assembled on a skid for easy installation
  • Accompanied by a vacuum lifter and electrohydraulic lifting table

Sack handling robot (SHR) technology

  • Customized and highly flexible layout
  • Scalable system for multiple pallets/chemicals
  • Depalletizing robot
  • Intelligent vision system
  • Minimized exposure to chemicals for operators
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Increased automation

Big bag unit (BBU)

  • Cuts and doses big bags up to one tonUS
  • Removable discharge hopper designed to prevent wastage and material clogging
  • Integrated dust filter and vibration unit
  • Automatic dosing screw conveyor to hopper
  • Weight control system

Liquid additive skid (LAS)

  • Easy, accurate, and reliable dosing of liquid chemicals
  • Compact footprint
  • VFD-controlled hose pumps
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Integrated control system with local control panel for real-time monitoring and control

Mixing hopper

  • Skid-mounted for ease of installation
  • Venturi-type mud mixer
  • Low-maintenance requirements
  • Suitable for powder and liquid mixing
  • Direct discharge into mixing lines