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Casing Tong Handling Tool

Improve safety and efficiency of casing handling operations

Casing tong handling tool.

Reduce risk and time

Casing tong handling tools (CTHTs) improve safety and efficiency by reducing the time to complete casing running operations. The CTHT automatically moves the casing tongs to and from well center, which decreases the personnel required to make up casing on the rig floor. Additionally, the CTHT increases the speed of running the casing tong to and from well center. Operations are faster and more consistent, from shift to shift, crew to crew.

How it works

The CTHT is an upgrade to an existing offshore drilling rig. This tool lifts and handles casing tongs, ranging in size from 7 5/8 in to 30 in, to and from the well center during casing running operations. And it can be used on any Cameron SmartRacker vertical pipe handling system or any other brand of column racker.

Casing tong handling tool render
The casing tong handling tool connects with the gripper-head lifting bracket of a Cameron SmartRacker vertical pipe handling or third-party system.

Makes operations safer with fewer personnel on the drill floor and increases efficiency by decreasing the amount of time required to complete casing running operations.