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Hydraulic Power Units

Steady hydraulic pressure and flow

Power systems control station.

Cameron hydraulic power units (HPUs) deliver steady hydraulic pressure and flow to all hydraulic equipment. Fabricated with top-quality components and materials, these HPUs are easy to operate and maintain.

The units feature remote supply-pressure readout, an integrated inspection hatch, and a local tank level and temperature readout. They also have an onboard oil cooling system, including a titanium plate cooler for seawater service, local pressure gauges, and shutoff valves for easy maintenance of the cooler.

Hydraulic power unit with noise hood


  • Stainless steel hydraulic fluid tank
  • HPU skid with four certified lifting eyes and four vibration dampeners on each main motor or pump unit
  • Continuous oil circulation 
  • Offline fine filter
  • Duplex main return and drain filter
  • Individual pressure filter for main pumps
  • Distribution manifold in the supply line
  • Low- and low-low-level tank alarms; automatic shutdown on low-low-level alarm
  • High- and high-high-fluid-temperature alarms
  • Local operator panel that provides start/stop control and running indications on all motors and enables emergency stop
  • Pressure relief valve mounted in each main supply line
  • Hydraulic soft startup