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Variable Frequency Drives & Power Houses

Greater fuel economy and minimal maintenance costs

Power systems control station.

OEM variable frequency drives (VFDs) are available in air-cooled and liquid-cooled models designed to control the speed and torque of low-voltage motors from 460 VAC to 690 VAC. These AC drives are compact in size and designed for efficiency, productivity, and reliability. This high power factor, coupled with a low-maintenance modular composition, results in greater fuel economy, minimal maintenance costs, easy servicing, and reduced spares.

We can provide drives configured as single units or arranged into a common DC bus. If your system requires harmonic mitigation, these drives can be supplied with phase-shifted rectifiers or active harmonic filtering. Motor regenerative energy is managed effectively through dynamic braking or an optional fully regenerative active front end. Drive cubicles are front accessible and easily integrated into switchgear or installed into fabricated power control enclosures.

These drives feature programmable, digital controls that interface with many standard communications protocols. They produce torque regulation to eliminate the need for conventional mechanical braking. Factory load testing and functional routines are conducted for quality assurance and optimized performance. VFDs are ideal for marine and harsh industrial environments.

We design and manufacture our own power houses for VFDs.

VFD power house