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Conventional wellhead system

IC Conventional Wellhead System

Flexible configurations address varying operating conditions

The versatile Cameron conventional wellhead product line incorporates a wide range of slip-type and mandrel casing hangers and packoffs, including the automatic slip-type hanger, which uses casing weight to energize the annular seal. Rated up to 10,000 psi, the IC conventional wellhead system can thus be configured to meet many service conditions. It incorporates the lower casing head housing and hanger, as well as the subsequent casing head spools and hangers. It is compatible with all our tubing spool and hanger configurations.

The IC wellhead system uses a straight-bore design with a 45° load shoulder. The ability to select secondary seals and packoff bushings provides versatility.

Max. pressure rating: 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] 
Temperature range: 0 to 150 degF [–17 to 65 degC]
Available sizes: 9, 11, and 13 5/8 in
IC Conventional Wellhead System
IC Conventional Wellhead System


  • Casing head housings: IC-2, IC-2-BP, and IC-2-L
  • Casing head spools: IC-2, IC-2-BP, and IC-2-L
  • Casing hangers: IC-1, IC-1P, and IC-2 slip and seal assemblies

Tubing spools and hangers

  • C tubing spool: HT, HT-2, T, T-CL, C-SRL, and CXS hangers
  • MTBS tubing spool: MTBS hanger
  • CD-2 tubing spool: CD-2, CD-T, and CD-T-CL hangers