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Shallow-Water Systems

Systems designed for shallow-water operations

Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems

Robust and low-torque systems with enhanced washout capability

Featuring a patented wash sleeve design that eliminates pipe rotation, Centric C-15 mudline suspension wellhead systems are reliable in high-pressure, high-load mudline applications. They make it possible to land high casing loads, increasing system versatility, and are capable of pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi. A stack-down configuration eliminates debris traps while a unique split-cage design prevents damage to the cage during compression.

The Centric C-15 EX mudline suspension wellhead system is a standard offering for pressure ratings less than 10,000 psi. It features a deep stack-down design with separate running and tieback threads and incorporates a dual-centralization design and metal sealing capability. The shorter profile makes the system ideal for exploration applications. It retains many of the Centric C-15 system's features and also provides the option to reenter the well.

Pressure rating: 15,000 psi

Centric mudline suspension wellhead systems

  • Stack-down configuration eliminates debris traps and improves the reliability and efficiency of tieback operations
  • Separate thread and seal areas reduce the possibility of damage to critical areas
  • High-pressure and high-casing-hanger-load capacities increase system versatility
  • Optional patented washout technique for large-diameter casing strings eliminates pipe rotation
  • Unique split-ring design prevents damage to the cage during compression in the wellhead, accommodating debris and providing two-point centralization
  • All threads throughout the system prealign to ensure precise installation and tieback
  • Split-ring hanger reciprocation is achieved without recovery or resetting
  • Dual-casing tieback capability is available

 Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems
Left: Running; center: temporary abandonment; right: tieback.
 Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems

Cameron shallow-water exploration wellhead systems provide significant time savings compared with conventional systems and reduce exposure to hazardous operations.

Exact Adjustable Wellhead Systems

Exact Adjustable Wellhead System

Simple design and advanced external adjustment drive to enhance safety and reduce installation time

The Exact-10 adjustable wellhead system was developed specifically to reduce rig installation time and enhance safety. The system is suitable for jackup drilling applications up to 10,000-psi working pressure where adjustment from mudline to surface is required for exploration and predrilling.

The Exact-15 adjustable wellhead system is rated for 15,000-psi working pressure and is suitable for HPHT applications. Reduced installation times, no separate tension equipment requirement, and availability for full-sized and slimhole casing programs are among the benefits of Exact systems.

  • Wellhead is installed under full diverter and BOP control
  • FastLock quick wellhead connector is used for fast makeup connection
  • 8 in of adjustment is available on all surface hangers
  • Indicator pins ensure that a 13 3/8-in surface hanger is correctly engaged
  • An advanced external adjustment drive is used for 9 5/8-in casing hangers
  • System provides the ability to land, tension, adjust the landing ring, and lock the 9 5/8-in adjustable casing hanger in a single trip
  • Solid landing shoulders and a positive lock mechanism increase surface hanger landing integrity
  • Number of BOP installations is reduced
  • Shorter installation times lead to increased cost savings
  • Reduced manual handling enhances safety
  • Rental systems are readily available from stock
  • No separate tension equipment is required for any casing string