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Scavenger slurry stabilizer

Drilling fluids and well cementing.

Improve slurry stability and fluid displacement in the casing annulus

ScavengerPlus scavenger slurry stabilizer provides excellent rheological properties that improve slurry stability and fluid displacement in the annulus. It is a solid additive that exhibits remarkable solid-carrying characteristics, thanks to a rapid development of yield stress.

Stabilize slurries with on-the-fly mixing

Scavenger slurries are normally mixed on the fly, which means obtaining adequate hydration in the time it takes to fill a displacement tank volume. ScavengerPlus stabilizer meets this requirement with rapid viscosity and yield stress–building properties.

Reduce footprint on location

The improved mud removal and zonal isolation experienced with ScavengerPlus stabilizer is completed while maintaining operational simplicity. No special mixing equipment is required, reducing equipment footprint and the associated operation risk.

ScavengerPlus scavenger slurry stabilizer
Left: 1.5-sg [12.5-ppg] slurry with 4% bentonite by weight of blend. Right: 1.5-sg [12.5-ppg] slurry with 2 kg/m3 ScavengerPlus stabilizer. Right sample shows a uniform appearance, with no settling. Pictures taken within 5 min of mixing.