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Cement pumping skid

CPS 3000 cement pumping skid.

The CPS-3000 cement pumping skid is a 3,450-hp unit capable of pumping 26 bbl/min at pressures up to 15,000 psi (18,000 psi with a high-pressure manifold). Two complete process control units handle data acquisition and control, providing redundancy and reliability for automated cement mixing, solids fraction monitoring, foam process control, and liquid additive system operation.

CPS 3000 cement pumping skid.
CPS 3000 cement pumping skid.


  • Mixing and pumping of cement slurries in deepwater applications
  • High-pressure pumping and testing
  • Precision pumping for integrity tests


  • Reduce operating time with a greater mixing rate capability
  • Lower NPT because of full redundancy of systems


  • High hydraulic horsepower for metered displacements and completion pumping operations
  • Dual Mark III mixers from the range of SLURRY CHIEF cement mixing equipment, with tanks capable of 22-bbl/min rates for lead slurries and 15-bbl/min rates for standard tail systems
  • Twin 100-bbl batch mixers that can be integrated for spacer pill mixing, isolated from contamination points
  • High-rate, process-controlled, direct-injection liquid additive system to accurately meter up to seven chemicals into the mix water stream
  • Accurate control of slurry density